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Anonymous said: Back in March WYLAT Drake said onstage that he was the happiest he's ever been in his life and that's when he and Riri were dating. She makes him happy. Why can't the fans get this and why do these girls get mad if he loves her? That's who he wants to spend his life with. That answer is clear. What's not clear is her feelings her intentions for Drake? That we don't know cause Riri don't let on. While she loves him as her friend most people are dying to know if she loves him like a boyfriend.

we’ll probably have to wait a bloody long time to find that out.

Anonymous said: Guess she is conquering her fears by going to that place to eat. Good thing!

good on her..

Anonymous said: You know what AM. It is actually refreshing to see Ri hang with friends other than the usual we see her with. Also, with others outside of family. It's a trend I'd like to see continue. Mel and others are now off doing their own things. I really like this direction.

people grow up.

Anonymous said: Anons, plans can change. He may spend the majority of his time in TO. But who's to say he's not also spending time with his other crew at YOLO before heading out. I recall when he and crew visited Kennedy in Houston (girl who eventually passed away) when they were leaving Chubb's caption on IG said heading home too and they came back to LA. There was back and forth about where. Drake calls home. The hashtag six side is just letting us know that's what he's working on.

we could just wait and see where he turns up…its an idea anyway. 

Jenny, watching him, said, “That’s funny, that is. I’ve not seen him do that since he was quite small.”

“Do what?”

She nodded. “Smile in his sleep. He used always to do it, if ye came by and petted him in his cradle, or even later, in his trundle. Sometimes Mother and I would take it in turns to stroke his head and see could we make him smile; he always would.”

“That’s odd, isn’t it?” I experimented, running a hand gently down the back of his head and neck. Sure enough, I was rewarded at once by a singularly sweet smile that lingered for a moment before the lines of his face relaxed once more into the rather stern expression he presented when asleep.

“I wonder why he does that,” I said, watching him in fascination. Jenny shrugged and grinned at me.

I imagine it means he’s happy.

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New Banksy artwork appears in English seaside town Finding an authentic Banksy is like discovering a… well, an authentic Banksy.


New Banksy artwork appears in English seaside town 

Finding an authentic Banksy is like discovering a… well, an authentic Banksy.


😂😂😂 True #drake



😂😂😂 True #drake


Anonymous said: Anon I don't think Drake wants to pick sides with Chris or Rihanna but he also doesn't want to be seen hanging with Chris and his girlfriend Karrueche knowing how Rihanna feels about that girl. So I don't think we'll be seeing Drake with them, if we do I'd be completely shocked because I know his friendship with Rihanna comes first. They worked very hard to mend it so the fans should butt out cause they don't know all the details of how hard they worked to repair their friendship.

yes, butt out.

Anonymous said: AM I understand the point Anon was trying to make. If Drake wouldn't mention Chris or Rih name on stage TeamDrizzy and TB would not be on Rih's case the way they always are. They hate her so its best when Drake doesn't mention her name. I dont' understand why he does that too, if they are friends then cool be friends and stfu. that's how I see it tho I could be wrong. Can y'all see my point in this? If someone thinks different I'd like an explanation cause like I say why say her name.

You overestimate your importance in Drake’s life for one thing. either way, you’re going to talk shit so why should he care? But any guy would make fun of the guy who came before him given the opportunity because of issues of jealousy, possessiveness and general testesterone poisoning. accept that Drake is in love with Rihanna and you’ll understand why her name is always in his mouth.

Anonymous said: Drake clearly said he was going to Toronto. I'm almost positive he is there.

Anonymous said: Drake went to Toronto. in the caption he said "6side" aka Toronto. i also remember that during a show he said "after this tour is finished i'm going to Toronto to make the best album i can make".

Anonymous said: Anon ignore Team Drizzy they are threatened by Rih Drake has shown from that studio picture/Espy's thing that he wants her as his friend Ovofest pictures,hanging with her in NY his father posting pictures those two will always be friends regardless.

likeagreatpizzapie said: Hello😊 ok so with Scandal, I guess I lost my normal weepy emotions to Harrison dying because I was prepared for it, I knew he was leaving the show and figured they would kill him off. As far as DV goes you know I think it's all the same result but different causes. Some women do go bat shit crazy on guys and some guys are better at rational thinking than others so in their minds it's probably if I hit her back a b c is going to happen. On the other hand, some guys are very impulsive part1...

I’m just wondering, you have a career on the line but you can’t stop and think for 30 seconds? wait till you get home maybe? and what is this smashing of fists into people’s faces? Honestly, I do know of men who beat their wives (in theory- none that I actually know) but they do it with a strap like she was a recalcitrant child. How do you smash someone’s face in, repeatedly, until they are unconscious? I seriously don’t get it.