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Anonymous asked: The game started but no signs of Rihanna.

She aint there

She aint

She aint

Apparently he said something about Jay being somewhere eating a fondue plate. This is a joke.

Apparently he said something about Jay being somewhere eating a fondue plate. This is a joke.


Drake at the raptors game.

this is now?


Drake at the raptors game.

this is now?

Anonymous asked: Ugh I live in toronto and our paps are weak as hell. Hopefully someone at the game takes pics

I see people looking for live streams so maybe we’ll get stills. plus maybe fan pics.

Anonymous asked: Nevermind. I see it. lol

Anonymous asked: You updated? Where?

look down

Anonymous asked: There are tweets sayng Rih is in Toronto with him but that hasn't been confirmed yet.

hmm, do they have paparazzi over there?

Mosquito Returns - Should I or Shouldn’t I?

Robyn’s in Paris, with the goose, so I guess their talk had a happy ending.  I guess I should call him “Aubrey” now. Wow, this is confusing; turn your back for a year and…

Anyway, so later that night, after the strip place we were heading home, it was five am in the morning but it was like I was the only one who was tired. 

“I feel the need to drunk dial someone.” Robyn slurred into Mel’s neck into which she was leaning.

“Oh yeah? Chris you mean?” Mel asked with a purely internal grimace.

“Nooo…” Robyn drawled after thinking about it for a while, “I think I’ll call Dhrek. He did say, call me right?”

“I doubt he meant at 5am in the morning doh…” Mel replied, but smiling.

“Imma call him.” Robyn decided, picking up her iphone with resolve. Mel sighed, leaned her head back on the seat and closed her eyes. She was thinking ‘here we go’ in her head, but I don’t know why.

The phone rang like eight times and Robyn was about to hang up when he picked up.

“Hey baby, how you doing?” ‘Aubrey’ drawled in what I assume was supposed to be ultra-sexy.

“Are you high?” Robyn asked him.

“A bit. Arent’ you? Isn’t that why you drunk dialling me?”

Robyn’s eyebrows disappeared into her hair. An amazing feat all on its own…

“How did you know.”

“I know you Robyn. You know I do.”

“You asked me to call you. I’m calling.”

“Cool. Come over.”


“Yep. Now. Now or never Robyn.”

“ooh, are you threatening me?”

“No. I’m just tired of this game.”

“you tryna take advantage of me when I’m high?”

“Always. You coming?”

“I’m coming.”

“Driver, new address.” Robyn said after hanging up. Mel’s eyes stayed closed and she didn’t say a word.

“What?” Robyn asked her prone figure.

“I did not say nothing.” Mel said.

“What?” Robyn asked again.

“Are you sure you know what you’re doing? If Chris hears-“Mel began.

“This isn’t about that. Did you see his face at dinner Mel? I hurt him. I really. hurt him. I keep hurting him even though that’s not my intention. I love him, he’s been a good friend to me and he doesn’t deserve this. I need to make peace. That’s all.”

“Are you going to tell Chris?”

“Of course I will. I’ll tell him all about it.”

“ookay. You want me to come with you?”

“Nno. But you better, just so that Dhrek don’t get any ideas. And Chris doesn’t think anything went down. You know, even now, I don’t think that nigga trusts me…?”

“He’s just insecure. He doesn’t trust himself.”


The address they stopped at was ostentatious to say the least. Dhrek himself came to the door to let them in and led them to this sitting space that was a cross between a library and a den.

“Drink?” he asked, going to a bar like place in the corner which was well stocked.

“Whatever you’re having.” Robyn said.

He chose champagne. Of course he did.

After everyone had taken polite sips, he put his glass on the table looked at Mel and then at Robyn, smiled his fake big smile and said, “So…what brings you here?”

Robyn leaned back on the sofa, took a sip of her drink and looked back at him with a smile.

“Do you remember the first day we met?” she asked.

A real smile broke reluctantly over Dhrek’s face, “how could I forget?” he asked.

It was a dark room, where the party was held. The lighting was dim and red, designed I guess to evoke intimacy. It had just made him uncomfortable with the falseness of it. He didn’t really know anyone. Oh he knew of them, definitely recognised more than a few, but he didn’t know them and they showed no interest in knowing him. So he stood in his corner, drink in hand, and tried to look nonchalant instead of lost.

“Er, hey…” the most beautiful girl in the world had come up to him and said, “You’re Drake right?” she was holding out her hand to him. He took it reluctantly, expecting any moment that it and she would vanish and he would be back in his corner, alone.

“Er yeah.” He said huskily then cleared his throat – it was an embarrassingly loud sound – “I’m Drake. You’re Rihanna right? I know you.”

“Yes. You can call me Riri if you like.” She’d said.

She was being kind, he saw, he probably looked like a lost puppy she could rescue. The thought made him stand up straighter. He took a quick sip of his drink for dutch courage. It went down the wrong way and almost choked him but he refused to cough.

“Er, thanks…Riri.” He said after he could make a sound again.

“Do you want to come hang with me and my friends? We’re over there.” She’d said pointing at a group of girls who were laughing and talking and acting like they were in their own world, in which everyone else was not admitted.

“Sure.” He’d said, because they looked fun, and Riri had asked him, and he already could not say no to her.

“You were such a goofball that day. I liked you immediately. Whatever happened to that guy?” Robyn asked him.

“He’s right here, just a little more grown up, maybe slightly more cynical…” Dhrek said.

“That’s too bad. Especially if I had something to do with that. That was not my intention.”

“I know it wasn’t. I’m crazy for you, and you’re crazy for him. Its life. whatever.” He said. He was making me feel sad for him. Underneath the not-very-well-done bravado was a world of hurt.

Robyn opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. Mel was looking at them both like she had a solution to all this on the tip of her brain but just couldn’t reach it…Dhrek was looking down at his champagne like it contained the secrets to the universe.

Then Robyn stood up from her seat and came to sit next to Aubrey on his settee. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him to her in a long hug. She leaned back and planted a small kiss on his lips and said, “I’m sorry.”

Then she stood up, holding her hand out to Mel, “Let’s go.” She said.

Aubrey stood up too, “didn’t you send your car away?”

“It’s cool. We can get a taxi.” Robyn replied.

“Don’t be silly. I’ll take you to your hotel.” Aubrey  said.

“Dhrek, you don’t have to take care of us, we’ll be okay.”

“I know you will, but you’re in my city and I will take you to your hotel.”

“You can’t drive. You’re high.”

“That is what drivers are for…come on. My Bugatti awaits.”

Mel and Robyn looked at each other, sighed, and followed him.

“So does this mean he’s forgiven you?” Mel asked.

“Kanye shrug is all I can say. That man is complicated.”

“No shit.” Mel replied wryly.


Story Comment: Great add. I like how you’ve captured how cold Drake was on the exterior, while at the same time showing that he still cared no matter how stand-offish he tried to appear. It’s a hard balance but I think you nailed it. I love when he says “You fucking know why” and she kind of has no response. Rih always has a comeback so when she’s speechless you know it’s real. I wonder when she decided to finally give him a call. That part reminded me of Own It when he’s says ” ‘Cause you got the bat phone and the work line…you should call.”

I also wonder if she told Chris about the border incident which later lead to his tweets about loyalty and trust. But, great add. Can’t wait to see your take on what happens next.

tell me if the update lives up to your expectations…

Anonymous asked: Loved the update. I cannot wait to see what happens during that phone call or meeting between the two of them.

hmmmm…cool well, here it is.

Anonymous asked: That anon is talking about Rih going to the Raptors game with Drake today.

so did she go?


Aubrih in Toronto.

this is legit?


Aubrih in Toronto.

this is legit?

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