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Anonymous said: AM, what do you mean that Ri went to spend time with Drake? The anon's ques was about if them being apart is testing their relationship. I didn't get your response.

really? I thought they asked about them being in Europe. let me read it again.

nope, definitely asking about Europe.

Anonymous said: No there are not pictures of Drake in NY the first night of the Monster tour in D town. He was MIA.

Anonymous said: Didn't see anything wrong with the WCW. Not everything has love literally attached to it. I actually think him using Drake's song Take Care says more in terms of the Drake Ri connection. He could have used a whole host of other songs, but chose this one. Says something to me.

Yep. people meet Drake then fall all over themselves paying homage to Rih. but people don’t see that connection. its inconvenient.


Get ready to run. See Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner, September 19.


Get ready to run. See Dylan O’Brien in The Maze Runner, September 19.

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Anonymous said: There are pictures of Drake in NYC each night of TMT in Detroit. Check word on rd.

Anonymous said: Do you think rih going to Europe for drakes tour was sort of a test trial for their relationship to see if they can actually make it work this time?

No. I think she went to spend time with him.

Anonymous said: Do you think drake will attend jen's wedding ?

and how would I know that?

Anonymous said: Lawd anon where is your common sense it is obvious the song was written and recorded a while back, did you NOT see that she was at the club with him two nights in a row and at his concert with her friends Rorrey and his friends?. Duh did you not read every friggin blog from page six,tmz,usweekly eonline saying he was going back and forth from his table to hers yapping, flirting etc with her shit the song is in the PAST TENSE sorry to have to be so rude but just use your brain.

Anonymous said: Rorrey was definitely at the show in Detroit. The next day he was back in NYC hanging out with Drake at the club. Drake was MIA that whole weekend until the end of TMT. He resurfaced the next day at VIP Lounge in NYC and Rih resurfaced on a yacht.

Anonymous said: Lol at some of your annons rihanna is like every male celebs crush. When aubrih was public in march/April meek mill who is a good friend of drake went on a radio interview and said rihanna is a celeb crush. You people have to stop showing your insecurities so she is not allowed up have male admirers?

It was a backward argument that since someone who was on stage with Drake admires her, then that means they’re not together. *insert eye rolling emoji here*

Anonymous said: I just hope we get an aubrih collab on VFT6 and R8

talk-that-talk-ave said: OMG do you people really take MCM and WCW that seriously? Do people actually believe Rih was serious about Mykal or any of the people she posted as baes on twitter? It's all in good fun. Bobby Schmurda, Cliff, & the others are just having fun folks. Some of you have got to be really young and I mean REALLY young like 13.




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